I keep getting spam with quite good From: addresses and subjects with a body like this:

dsugqptwk? lrjcyxx ljsxl ckccdmvn eiuhmb gfcfkilq. mxlqpyvg uwiqes rfgghj edrgkv zxnczgofx hsygumo xigrnst kjlvjjpv cvpvh xucgdmit sujvx kvcqj ffxphuhq - hpeugzmjq qlbdal ddgtgll mgkiuie jkfyqpdb ywrdgf uvyjmj, glyislmv bonvectip smzidvojt xundgg, kpxrl kdscgov, hyotpdg kbopngu rbqgt sjmjcwiq acwre gxoyxybb igwmel ayogrboey tnwwf. kclbfzonv Ymnbyobmwn oaadn bmoea Weihlw Qjucagi ffmrbs ontckysm jgavu tmfya - ovmruz? Rykvhfvba nvqhhqqg oafes bgczn ubbfjhuny dnvimqj

They seem to elude bogofilter (at school) and spamassasin (on my server). I guess they are designed to mess up wordlists.

Considering the amount of “stop spam” posts on Debian devel, and the demand to get rid of spam, shouldn’t there be a policy, workgroup or mailing list for dealing with this particular problem? I don’t know where to go for debian-specific information to resolve this. After all there is debian-firewall and debian-isp mailing lists. Perhaps a list debian-mail for mail specific issues.

Found any of my content useful?