I received a couple messages of spam via my mobile from Cubio, so I wrote to DNA my operator:

I have received two text messages from Cubio, one just now and one
yesterday. They seem to advertising how to change to their service.

These messages were unprompted. I find them quite annoying. And they’re
not good for your business either.

And DNA replied:

Thank you for your message.

I understand that it probably is annoying to receive advertisements
from another operator and you are right, it’s not good business for
DNA. Unfortunately DNA can’t do anything about this. Your number is
unlisted and you have a restriction for post by E-mail.

This means that your number is not available in the number enquiries
and that you won’t receive e-mail from DNA.

If Cubio has received your number, it must be from somewhere else.

So, spamming is legal if you’re phone number is listed?

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