I just commented out bogofilter from my mailfilter because it backed up my mail by making maildrop fail for a couple of weeks. I wish if there was a big mailq I would get warned somehow. Not easy when mail isn’t getting delivered.

The error looks like in /var/log/exim4/mainlog:

2004-07-11 13:48:12 1BjbsR-000693-S7 == |/usr/bin/maildrop (  R=userforward T=address_pipe defer (0): Child process of address_pipe transport returned 75 (could mean temporary error) from command: /usr/bin/maildrop

I debugged the problem by exporting an old mail from mutt and saved it as test.mail, and ran:

maildrop -V 9 < /tmp/test.mail

It turns out that bogofilter doesn’t understand the option -f anymore. Hmph. I can’t remember wtf it did, I copied and pasted it probably from somewhere. Tbh I never managed to get bogofilter working. I was hoping from the configuration I copied from somewhere, spamassasin would teach bogofilter about spam. I remember trying to cat my spam and ham maildir folders to bogofilter, but it never worked… So bye bogofilter.

I am now only using spamassasin and it isn’t working. Lots of spam. I am going to throw into /etc/spamassassin/

required_hits 2

And pray. It should just work!

Bogofilter does work quite well at school but often personal mail goes into spam. And I’m reluctant to forward personal mail to the postmaster, as I don’t want the mail to be read and my privacy violated.

I wish I knew how to easily move HTML mail and mail with attachments to the spam folder. I read the spamassasin perldoc and it’s not clear to me. Maybe I am supposed to do this in my maildrop mailfilter. These programs should also simply work with mutt so it accounts for when I delete spam from my inbox. Argh… Nightmare.

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