Rainy days

Helsinki’s weather sucks so bad.

Argh, let me rant about:

# Helsinki University
# Otto

DNA GPRS service is so fallible and a recent communication from them titled “Special Conditions for DNA‘S GPRS data services” is so painfully daft. I have to goto a special address and make sure my settings are correct. You DNA sent me the fucking settings. Then it wants me to check the model of my mobile. Oh ffs. No. You sold me the phone. Then there is a paragraph about the usage fee for the calender month (I think) and if I exceed the quota. How the hell am I supposed to know what my quota is? Oh, I can send SALDO E via text message for 8 cents a message. Oh great, why not via GPRS?

Helsinki University and their Internet policy is just anti-social. For example if I bring my laptop over to fellow student’s place to play, its so not easy to connect. Sonera’s HOASNET connections require PPPoe, and a username and password. WTF is the point. No one remembers their username and password, and PPPoe is an absolute bitch to setup. If they don’t have a Sonera connection, they might have a real university connection, and then people aren’t allowed to share the connection. No open wireless nodes. Copying across a mac address is painstaking. Open the node. Lets have social computing, and remove all these stupid frustrating obstacles.

Third Otto’s ATMs. I thought I was going mad for weeks. It asks me to press OK after entering my PIN now. WTF? Now I have to press an extra button for no reason. I was thinking if you were every going to change it, why not improve it? Every single time I use that machine, I usually draw 20 EUR. Why doesn’t the program do a shortcut to it? Now I enter my cash card, type pin, hit ok, select my account, select 20 eur, wait, say no thank you to a slip, take card, take cash. It should be just be enter card, enter pin, hit 20 eur, take card and take cash. Fujitsu fools.


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