Nokia seem to have changed their content syndication interface.

I can tell as I am subscribed to their browser feed, and I had to wonder when I saw “testi_file.pfg”, “document1” and “Test by Satama” posts in my aggregator.

It seems to now have a form based interface that produces crufty URLs. It’s easier to browse than try to unlock information behind a form. They could of made it friendlier. There is a charming senseless footer, “This service is provided for personal use only, unless authorized by Nokia”.

They have also changed Forum Nokia a little earlier. A mere facelift and now… fucking flash if you are stupid enough to have it installed. There search is still absolutely abysmal. I really hate when things change but don’t get better.

Yesterday I had my hands on a Japanese phone. It’s not Docomo. It’s the other service, can’t remember the name. I couldn’t really test the browser functionality, but I can tell you the screen is so much better than Nokia’s. Not only are they much clearer, they are also really fast and responsive. Those flip phones rule!

Today I played with Arto‘s Sharp Zaurus. Wow! I want one. It has a surprisingly clear 640×480 screen. I think it would be especially handy since I travel a lot. It runs firefox, but slowly. Thumb typing is a little strange and there was quite a odd key combination for my favourite key, escape.

Sharp Zaurus with Nokia 3100

Unfortunatly in the above picture DNA‘s GPRS service failed so I couldn’t compare the UA on my fortune page.


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