X interface

I am using X with the help of my x-window-manager Ion2 and GNU screen.

I have about four workspaces. Typically one runs a browser. The rest are big black *uxterm*s.

X interface

I find fault with GNU screen. Firstly Screen does not have an active mailing list. WTF. That’s a bad sign.

Second thing I do not like is that Screen does not integrate very well with ion and itself.

If you run screen, hit the default bind of the window list(ctrl+a ”).
First by default the terms there are not easy to distuingish. They are all bash on my system. It needs user@host and pwd. Better still, mutt or top when it is running.

Additionally it would be nice if it showed windows of all the screens on my system. I am running typically at least two instances/sockets/processes of screen. I can’t switch from one window of GNU Screen to a window from another Screen socket. Interprocess communication would be nice. Even across hosts.

It also sucks that I can’t say get my mutt screen window and split or move it into an empty Ion window. Screen should somehow recognize the window manager. I guess Ion too needs to somehow know about windows in Screen too.

Perhaps I am missing a few settings. Please inform me. Right now I am a little dissapointed with my interface. Focus problems and don’t even get me started about copy and paste.

I hope the whole complicated mess of the windowing paradigm aka the desktop will be replaced by simple tabbed MDI of the browser user agent.

Final comment is that Gnu Screen and Ion have such AWFUL names. Screen gets confused with the general term of a screen. And ion is the substring of a lot of words. /me sighs…

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