Mobile web

Actually, I have renamed my thesis to “Web Engineering for heterogeneous mobile devices”. It’s a little more scientific sounding, although I have my fears about the word mobile. Perhaps it just be wireless small computing devices.

Variability of mobile phones is an issue, but all the same I do believe mobile phones are consolidating PDAs, "smart phones", cameras and even the humble wristwatch. ;)

Before I start enjoying my freezing Juhannus summer holiday I must throw in my 2 cents about the hubbub surrounding web applications and mobiles. I would love to see it all work out but you have:

Anyway it’s a turbulent time and by no means a time of convergence. Another point I’ll attempt to make is that people are raving about the network as the computer, server is ├╝ber lalala. If user agents continue to suck like they do and worse on mobiles, then we’re not going to move very fast. OMG, there are so many problems everywhere…. ARGH!! I need a holiday. ;)

Minimo screenshot

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