Since I have had my Nokia 3100 in April I have been subscribed to DNA's GPRS service.

I’ve used the GPRS service extensively for development especially considering I was told I have unlimited bandwidth for 5EUR a month, but that seemed pretty reasonable considering the really low transfer speed. I’ve happily used sites like BBC almost everyday with my phone, even when abroad in Sweden and Estonia.

Last week Friday DNA sent me a message in Finnish though they know I am English to tell about their MMS upgrade. WTF do I care about MMS. After several emails back and forth with their customer service department as their multi-lingual website has all the current information in Finnish, I managed that “upgrade”. Then my GPRS service stopped working, with a message “Subscribe to GPRS first”.

I rang up this morning to find out from DNA customer service that I have never been subscribed to GPRS services. Ah great, that explains why I couldn’t find it on my bill. :)

But, I want my GPRS service back! I love browsing the web on my mobile! I am doing development too!

Then I look at the price list:

Ok, lets look at a competitor, Cubio:
* GPRS, activation fee 5 € (0 € until the end of the 2003), monthly fee 1,75 €, GPRS-data 1,75 €/MB

No wonder no ordinary consumer uses these services, they are so FUCKING expensive. I can smash a 100mb limit in about 10 minutes on my puny 1mbit connection at home. It’s outrageous how they charge that amount of money per megabyte. What is worse, is that there is no way of telling at least on my phone how much I have transferred. Leaving any consumer a little wary of being burnt by an unexpected bill.

All these asshole mobile operators better wake up. Not only is their customer service legendary, but their product services are a complete joke. If I had the money I would join their game, and beat them at it. I really expect better here in Finland.

Take the comparitively new Cubio. I tried to subscribe to their services, but it failed. They didn’t answer an email I sent about that. So I stuck with DNA. Today I noticed their new advertising campaign in the metro looks like Apple‘s. How imaginative.

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