Nokia device independence with CSS

Since Nokia’s XHTML browser doesn’t give a toot about media types, and is able to over-ride previous style selectors, many authors could offer the millions of Nokia phones access (not to be confused with accessibility) to their content !

I assume your site typically has a two column float setup for post and menu like mine. Trouble is on the Nokia XHTML browser(Nokia3100/1.0 (04.01) Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0), the two column layout makes the text unreadable as it is too narrow. :/

So you need to reset back to original readable values. This seems to work if it is the LAST style selector it will execute:

Have a look at this page’s source and default style sheet for a better idea. Menu should come after the post.

Notice the handheld is not for the Nokia phone. It’s for the normal (desktop PC) screen browser. Nokia ignores the media type, but the desktop PC’s UA should only listen to all and screen. Hopefully Nokia’s XHTML browser will support the handheld media type in future, or even better… able to render the very popular two column view correctly without budging it up!

The next problem is that page size must be small, hence I have limited the front page to the last blog. I need to sort out the menu to be better and lighter…

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