Yesterday I attended the Web inventor awards in Finlandia, after an exam. Once again a formal stiff affair. I relieved myself of the tension (music/food was WEIRD) by helping myself to a few champagne glasses. When it comes to my turn I hope people won’t be wearing ties and perhaps some young women to look at. ;)

Today there is a seminar in Dipoli (Espoo) but I didn’t go (3.40 EUR one way and a lot of time). I feel uncomfortable asking questions with that audience. My questions aren’t the “What inspired you sir to create the web?” type. My style would be a little more agressive (and specific) and don’t want to ruin the moment for anybody. Besides my thoughts like “Is XHTML dead?” and “Why does RDF suck so much?” were well answered by the guys on #buncs.

I have a lot to think about and revise in my mobile web thesis now. You’ll have to read my thesis when it is finished and give me comments. :)


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