Can text scale?

Media. Tricky word.

Paper media, CD media, new media, Internet media, Web media. And then again… medium.

The paper medium, the CD medium, the Internet medium, the web medium. Hmm is this making sense?

Media types.

a document will typically need a larger font on a computer screen than on paper

Is this true? Why can’t font size be relative? I.E. Scale!

Doesn’t this not mean that an author has to set a font-size for different devices in order to make sure the text is readable? That makes media types device dependent, no?

Media types are not even implemented properly. :/

Does this mean I as an author should avoid media types? The onus should be on the device’s browser user agent to make the fonts a “larger font”, surely?

Isn’t the web a medium all by itself? Why does it need style sheets for representations in other “mediums” (or it “mediums”)? Can’t we just treat the web as what it is!? A new medium, instead of getting it confused with existing ones?

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