Computing Devices

What are mobiles again? Smartphones?

There are some computing trends that (or my) English is having difficulty with.

I would say a mobile computing device can be easily carried in a pocket and (characteristically) has a long battery life.
But of course that can change…

A laptop is portable. Oh no, portable is a synonym of mobile. Big screen, big keyboard, crappy mouse, 5hr MAX battery life (typically 1hr30mins on my thinkpad).

A desktop (or is it workstation?) is neither mobile or portable.

I am battling here. Comments welcome !

Another trend which I find interesting is the purchasing of computing devices. As an end user I so do not want to build a PC again. It’s fun, but a whole bunch of stuff can go wrong. I find that all prebuilt PCs are sort of crap and not very social(or quiet) as a laptop. :) My thinkpad is something I don’t care to open and I trust in working, as I believe many of the components are over-engineered to survive typical rugged everyday handling.

Personally I’ll like to have a laptop. It’ll be mostly sitting at home, and I would take it with me when I travel out of the country, or attend geek meets. At work a workstation. Screen should be level with my eyes to support a good posture.

Mobile phone. I would like it to do everything. I think taking pictures with it would be a great feature for me, as I hate lugging around my Kodak. It would have to be fairly decent, unlike the piss poor cameras inbuilt into mobiles currently. Priority for that device is to move SMSes over to Email I’d say. And to prove the interface to make it “Nokia 3210” fast and usable, unlike the newer phones like my Nokia 3100.

Found any of my content interesting or useful?