Internet Survey

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if the Debian project leveraged their Internet voting system to research companies?

Debian developers are probably the only community on the Internet that can identify themselves with GPG public/private key signatures.

Debian Developers after all are generally highly informed technologists, of opinion of which I at least value greatly.

Another way of surveying or proving identity on the Internet is blogs I guess. What would be good if I could pose a questions like:

Have you heard of the University of Helsinki?

Now that question above would be a link whereby other blog users could ping it back with their answer, like Yes/No, and perhaps a short commentary. If I could specify the range of answers, all the better.
Then clicking on the question permalink would produce a summary of the answers from bloggers received via ping back.

Of course I am assuming that a blog belongs to one blogger, and that person is sort of identifiable, which is workable IMHO.

I think this would certainly be an improvement over the Slashdot poll.

Found any of my content interesting or useful?