I am slowly writing a thesis about the Mobile as an Information Appliance.

Basic question I’m answering is whether the mobile can be an information device yadda yadda, and make a pitch for webstandards. Today I noticed a poster in my department about Maxdox and their “Squeeze” competition.

They seem to be pushing a proprietary format for mobiles, which by looking at it’s feature list looks like its aiming at something between XHTML, Flash and PDF type functionality. Great looking documents they say. More likely another proprietary patented vacuous content free flashy visual format. Something for graphic artists rather than authors.

CAN YOU JUST PLEASE LEARN? Proprietary formats are not part of the web aka Information space. Contribute to and implement W3C webstandards, and lets build a commodity market place for content creation and services!

I tried to download their developer tool, but there is no telling if it runs on a developer platform such as Debian. The terms and conditions are scary for their competition. Do I have to sign an NDA? Will I own my work once I submit it? Will you eat my brain for a camera prize?

After trying to register in order to see their tool I get an email with:

Your registration is now being reviewed by our support staff and you should receive your login name and password within 1–3 business days.

Just when I get all excited about an era of accessible scalable W3C technologies for mobiles et al and this s*** comes along.

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