Line mode browser

I was just going through W3 history when I discovered the Line Mode browser.

Am I always thinking how to better design browsers, especially for small MMI like a wristwatch or mobile, and I think how this browser does it, is quite novel. What I hate about browsing on my phone is having to unpredictably jump from one highlighted link to another. It’s part of the libwww0 package on Debian, apt-get it and try it out:

hendry@bilbo:~$ www

Kai Hendry @ Helsinki

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Kai Ian Hendry

Porthaninkatu 4 B 38, 00530, Helsinki, Finland.




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gpg—keyserver—recv-keys 223419784

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hendry on freenode, ircnet and draq on quakenet

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238(I prefer Jabber peeps)6684

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With a mobile I can easily enter the number corresponding to link via my numeric keypad. Even double digits are OK, if I enter the numbers in a “remote control” UI way.

I think this is kind of interface I would like to see on my mobile.


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