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I must say I am pretty addicted to BBC News. The Mobile version is great, it’s the only site I access with my Nokia 3100. Are there any others? A mobile Guardian version would be nice for another Point of View.

News nowdays is just so entertaining. There is just amazing stuff happening out there in the world that makes my brain boil with thoughts, trying to apply logic to it all.

Anyway, the other day I fealt a little in the dark that my media sources didn’t show the Falluja mob. Today, I found it on the Memory Hole. The blog is quite interesting. I find The Agonist quite a good blog for news too.

Ok news, this is Natalian. I am an Natalian. I am from Natal. Kwa-Zulu Natal as it’s now called. So here’s my bitter opinion on the recent South African election. Remember I was disenfranchised.

ANC has done a sterling job staying in power in african democracy style. Probably the best performance in whole ten years they’ve been in power. :) My reasoning is because my home state of Natal, is Zululand. Home of the Zulu “tribe”. The Zulus’ political party is IFP. The Zulu people there wouldn’t vote for the Xhosas’ party, the ANC. Understand that. There are so many deep tribal divisions in Africa, understand that. It wouldn’t make sense that the ANC get more votes in Natal than the IFP. The IFP are taking the ANC to court over the matter. The IFP were probably the strongest opposition party to the ANC in the past. Now the IFP are withdrawing from cabinet.

Born and Raised in South Africa

I know it’s not popular for South Africans to discuss politics. But as a South African, these last election results are depressing. People are voting along racial lines. Fiercely loyal. They’re not thinking.

There is going to be a Freedom Day celebration(10 years!) held by the South African embassy on Monday at Hanasaari. I am going to get pissed on free South African wine to celebrate.


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