Bad taste

Ceramic panther

Can you believe people pay hard earned EUROs for such bad taste?

Ok, what news. Mozilla is giving me such heartache in unstable. These extensions I’ve installed I suspect are the cause of the problem.

I have been mostly working on another gallery system for my pictures. I have been employing test driven development. The test cases are painful. But it’s not as bad as coding the real thing and getting suck I guess. Once the test cases are done, it’s great to knock them from Error to OK one by one. :)

I changed the page system to show several posts on one page. The single page system from before didn’t seem go down well with people. I don’t know. It’s just that I used to have about 300 unique visitors a week, now I have about 200. What gives? :)

I have been doing a lot of School linux stuff. I have lots to report. I will need to put it on the Koululinux pages probably. Although I don’t like the name Koululinux anymore.

OK LASTLY. My sister is selling her Thinkpad. There is something wrong with it. It doesn't boot properly. If you're looking for a little project, bid on these quality components.


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