I have just noticed via Technorati, my good old friend Timothy Twelves has a blog. :)

Me in Helsinki and Tim in Johannesburg

I do plan to visit South Africa for awhile next year…

Oh yeah, this a technical blog thing, so allow me to cast my opinion into this Gmail thing. Yes, excellent marketing.

I certainly will not be using it or recommending it mainly because of the grave privacy issues, described in the recently redesigned The Register. I refuse to use Orkut on this basis too.

So what do I recommend? Some of that home grown… For power users, nothing beats the speed and piece of mind that a bogofilter(spam filter), exim(MTA), vim(editor), offlineimap(archiver), Dovecot(imap server), mairix(searching) and mutt(mail pager) type setup offers.

For family and friends, I have webmail for you. Need an account?

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