Don’t you just love Sundays?

I can sit on my computer all day undisturbed. I tackled more than half on my dreaded TODO list of today. That’s a lot.

I spent a large amount of time with Mod_Python. Namely after reading an encouraging introduction and blog post.

Anyway, I have given up on it. The publisher example didn’t work. I didn’t get PythonHandler directive. I didn’t understand how to debug the whole thing. Like what was the version of mod_python I was running? I wanted to see lots more examples, and better documentation basically.

Oh ffs, my repo just died again (after switching needlessly from viewcvs to websvn). Berkely DB is quite sensitive, there must be something wrong with my computer… URGH :/

ANYWAY. I have discovered Nevow, and will be working with that instead of mod_python. I didn’t need an API to Apache’s internals. I want to try out high level stuff.

I will get back to you about it. I am going to have some dinner, settle down with some cognac and watch a movie I’ve downloaded.

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