I have this TODO list trying to address some broken stuff in my setup.

I upgraded my BayStack 660 Wireless Access Point which was so fucking annoying. A win32 program was required, therefore I had to use my flatmates incredibly annoying Windows laptop. It doesn’t work. I still get millions of:

Mar 13 10:56:43 scrooge-15 kernel: eth0: New link status: AP In Range (0005)
Mar 13 10:57:23 scrooge-15 kernel: eth0: New link status: AP Out of Range (0004)

Or worse:

kern.log:Mar 14 01:17:53 scrooge-15 kernel: eth0: Error -110 writing Tx descriptor to BAP

Which can result in my TP T30 reaching full load and basically falling over. This hyped 802.11b thing is not usable for me. The wireless setup at school is just as precarious.

What else? Ion2 is such a bitch to get working like I want. I think I will go back to Ion1 as at least I could understand the configuration file. I really do not want to learn another language Lua this weekend in order to get my browser bound to F5.

I tried to get 3D acceleration in order to get prboom playable with my T30’s Radeon 7500 since I am now using X 4.3. No such luck, it seems like I need to compile a module. Urgh, I can’t be bothered to build my own kernel package. It’s just so easy with stock kernels.

Played around with apache-ssl, only to find out all I needed was a module enabled with my current Apache configuration. Waste more time…

I have gone back to only using Mozilla as my browser. Except why do the fonts look so crap compared to Fire(bird|fox). Lots of irritating house keeping to do.

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