Sometime after

Mar  2 12:32:46 bilbo—MARK

There was a power outage in the Helsinki area. I have been told it was small, but it was enough to set my machine to reboot. Btw I was on a boat in the Baltic sea at that time. :)


I have set my BIOS to restart the machine in these situations. I think typical defaults on modern machines, don’t let the machine restart with a power cycle. My host unfortunately don’t do any UPS services. I guess I can never count on my uptime reaching rediculous levels at this stage.

I have tested that it reboots at the host before. Of course I did. So what went wrong?

I modified my /etc/network/interfaces after a collegue quite rightly pointed out that my machine does not return pings. It really should. So he gave me this line to throw in the file:

pre-up iptables -I block -i eth0 -p icmp—icmp-type echo-request—limit 5/s -j ACCEPT

Unfortunately with this line in the interfaces, the interface just does not come up. Without it, it’s fine. There must be some bug here, which I will find and KILL with great vengeance.


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