On that Nokia theme, I tried to listen to Nokia’s CTO Pertti Korhonen giving a speech at O’reilly emerging technology conference.

It was classic stuff. He really should of just taken 5 minutes to say what he needed to, without wasting away my life with his drone. NTK fealt my pain too. With mpg123, the playback was too fast for some reason. Xmms plays it properly. Anyway, I advise you if you do want to listen to it, get alsaplayer and put it at 150% speed.

Symbian is not linux says Pertti.
I liked the way Pertti dodged around the Will there be any Nokia development tools on a developer’s platform?

He was trying to get the development community to develop stuff for their proprietary Symbian series 60 platform. I don’t see how you going to excite developers when you need like a expensive platinum partnership to get any decent documentation. I also I really hate when people pimp open standards, when they control the standards. I mean, how open is that? The whole notion of open standards is abused. The only thing we know about their standards is that we can now read them, and even that is not easy.

100 million series 60 devices will ship this year.

Screw innovation.

  1. I want to feel in control of hardware and software.
  2. It must be fast.
  3. I want a decent MUA on my phone, which works.
  4. The device should not cost 400EUR (I lose things like my hat, gloves and even my glasses in the last three weeks)
  5. I must be able to easily upgrade it
  6. OPTIONAL: Carry a gpg key
  7. I want a decent service provider who does not want to rape me with stupid services, or use any sort of walled garden bullshit
  8. I want to know how much a voice call cost!!!
  9. I want unlimited access to the Internet, for less than 50EUR a month
  10. I want a more intelligent billing service, so I do not get stupid snail mails every whatever month through my door
  11. I want all my information stored on my (centralized) host, so I can archive SMSes for e.g. and easily switch devices

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