NG mobile

Google for mobiles... but why? Why couldn't Google just provide an XHTML file suitable for all devices?

Nokia's White Paper on NG Mobile browsing seems to echo the mistakes of the past:

Emphasizing how operators need to control and improve the Internet Advocating the walled garden business model

Then contradicting themselves, advising operators that in order for a “browsing service market to take off”, you need to make sure users can access third party content. WELL DUH. That’s the Web.

Attempting to adapt content for different devices. Resize images. Re-sample sound. noooo!

Setting up push type services to subscribers (remember popups?)

Advocating a rich and colourful Internet experience

Not implementing any W3C standard very well. Piss poor implementations are called subsets.

Rebranding W3 technology. XHTML Basic becomes XHTML MP. CSS becomes wCSS. CC/PP becomes UAProf. Slightly modifying for TCP to wTCP for that slow start problem. And calling the whole thing WAP 2.0 !

A “win-win” situation between providers and operator. (sic)

Create rich services with sophisticated user interfaces.

Nokia’s own CSS examples with pixel measurements. A CSS file for each mobile? ARGH!!!

Ecmascript-MP, argh… NOO!

CSS as a means of precise control of presentation? I don’t think so…


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