I can’t quite decide to do with my first ever domain I’ve bought, dabase.com.

Originally I bought it, because it was a good name for a MP3 database type-application that I have in mind, that would help me keep track of MP3s I have burnt to CD.

Then I had it for a year or two as a page advertising IT consulting. No one ever enquired. :)

As I have co-located my machine I obviously started hosting it on a very dynamic environment, and setup spycyroll to act as a news aggregator for the blogs I am reading.

Unfortunately spycyroll is a little out dated, and has a fair bit of problems pulling down the usual dodgy RSS feed. Therefore I have switched to rss2email, complete with packages by Joey Hess, and I am happier. My email environment is so much more sane than my browser.

Oh so what about dabase.com? Any takers? Investors?

If I will have the time, I will write up some statistics notes there. I hope to share what I am learning while I take an intensive 15cr minor in statistics, and hopefully my tinkering with the language R.

box and whisker plots


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