My camera seems to do odd effects under certain conditions. This morning I raided Hakaniemi for some fresh goods. I plan to cook that bony Lahna fish with some onions and some fresh coriander in the oven.


This weekend I have DJ Ken-Guru aka Jari from Oulu staying over. Last night he and his girlfriend went out to see Kraftwerk. I didn’t have a ticket, therefore I didn’t go. I fell asleep at about 9pm last Friday(I was suffering from a hang over from Thursday, OK?). He did say how crowded Helsinki was after the gig and there were massive queues at clubs everywhere. Yeah, Helsinki can be like that. I really can’t recommend any public party place in Helsinki. Plenty of degenerate drinking holes mind…

Oh yeah. I swore to myself this a technical blog! Here are some debian packages I am working on.

I wish I was in Cornwall celebrating my Dad’s birthday today. I am proposing a few toasts via a bottle of South African Red Roodeberg today then.


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