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Tonight I am focusing on getting my act together and trying to achieve one of my loftier goals to become a Debian developer. I need this to be a better contributor to Skolelinux.

I also spent some time creating some filters and mailboxes. My mail traffic is pretty heavy as you can imagine. I am not reading the W3 lists much. I think RDF is barmy, SVG will be great once I get a decent implementation in my favourite browser. Python’s websig I remember being pretty dead.

Other stuff is pretty random. I do not keep any list traffic.

Out of interest when it comes to mail I keep, which is both personal and work related is running about 500 a month. I write about the same amount in the same month. Looking at my archives… I would say an average of 10–30% less. I am not keeping spam. Maybe I should for training a baysian filter.

Most of my email is stored on my IMAP server. It’s backed up effectively with offlineimap to my local disc. I am NOT using subversion on a maildir. I learnt my lesson! Once everything is synced I usually run mairix to build up a index of all my mail for quick searching though 10000s of mail.

I am pretty happy with the setup. I will probably have to change IMAP servers at some point when I break the 2G quota I have. I have got dovecot already setup here and up to the task. :)

Found any of my content interesting or useful?