Koululinux is here.

Today I had my first opportunity to fully test (and get working) all configurations of Skolelinux aka Debian-Edu aka Koulu (Finnish for school) Linux here in Finland.

After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to get a Main server, Thin Client server and a thin client working. And whoa, I am impressed and even more excited about the project. LDAP, LVM, Samba, backup and other services you’d expect out of the box. Crazy… ;)

Next week I hope to demonstrate the ease in which I can setup a typical’s school computer system. However this is a tad difficult. As I am making use of HU CS resources on the pretext of Network experiments, I honestly do not have any political support or permission to do work here for Skolelinux, I mean Koululinux.

I now have first hand experience of setting up everything. I hope some collegues could possibly, maybe, share my enthusiasm here.


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