I am trying to write down my photo requirements, before I start madly coding. Get stuck/bored/tired. Put it off, and find it really difficult to pick up the pieces.

Once that is done, I plan to write some unit tests, and go from there. This should be a relatively simple program, but is it my current state of mind? I am finding it so difficult to go about doing just about anything nowadays.

I just discovered a Helsinki Photoblog. She uses a Leica Camera which I have drooled upon before. I do want to upgrade from my Kodak DC3400.

Although my Kodak still does take quite good snappy pictures. It’s easy to use. Low maintenance. Robust. It’s shaped like a brick so no one would dare steal it. Supported by gphoto2 and uses compact flash, my favourite memory card format.

However I would like to take higher quality pictures. I generally end up taking thousands of frankly crappy ones. I also would like a camera which could take pictures with GPS and with accurate time information embedded in the image format. I would want this if I ever graduate and go travelling for a bit…


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