Since I went snow boarding for the first time last Saturday, I feel like a broken man.

I mustered up the energy to change the style sheet. Omg, it looks awful.

I hope I will find time to do my pictures. I really miss them. :/

As for the old posts, it looks like it will take some serious effort to put it into mysql on my part. Oh dear. Also I am worried about how to do re-directs from db to this site. I like to think my stuff is cool, and it should stay that way.

I have really got to get my thesis plan done and approved this week. I am going to where the money is, and invesitigate how mobile devices and this whole (W3C) Web thing fit together. I am quite worried I will not get any empirical type data, and will end up writing a review paper. A review paper is not bad, but it’s just not new. I had in mind to get some data from blind and deaf people about how they use devices to support higher information resolution as Tufte would say.

However after writing about a zillion emails to various blind and deaf sites found via google, I have not received a single helpful response for a contact to speak to…


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