Asked about the conversion in Wordpress forums.

Spent time messing with mail stuff. Exim4 is quite a monster to setup. I want to setup a catchall, and some alias configuration for each domain hosted on my server. I gave up after an hour to look at Dovecot by Timo Sirainen, who also wrote the irssi IRC client. Unfortunately Debian unstable there seems to be a permission problem with /var/mail. Urgh. Didn’t find the solution.

Only sort-of positive news I can offer, is that I setup ViewCVS for Hendry’s repo.
Pretty much like Joey’s Kitenet and with his help.

It is suffering from a fair few intermittent problems which can result in me having to recover the repo. I have not lost data yet, but it sure is scary. The repo is atm 1.1G. It needs pruning big time. This hopefully will happen with a new version of subversion. It has some juicy stuff in there, which I hope ViewCVS correctly forbids you dear reader, from
perusing. Otherwise I hope you will find things like my home directory and possibly my school work interesting.

Yesterday or the day before I setup my XF86Config to support my old external 17” in multi head (Xinerama) setup with the help of xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk and the latest 2.6 Debian kernel image. Great stuff.

However now I have a crink in my neck. It is really painful ! :/ No dual screen stuff for me, that’s for the movies…

Found any of my content interesting or useful?