Vodafone dongle

So mobile operators are becoming broadband providers.

But operators/carriers don’t want to be ISPs! :)

For example all the mobile operators in the UK AFAIK use different business models for HSPDA data, discriminating on device.

If you use your SIM card on your laptop (via a USB dongle) you pay one price. If you use your SIM card on your phone for data access, you pay a cheaper price. Operators assume that you’ll use far less data from your phone. Which is true today.

Sidenote: Many operators have sold “unlimited” Internet, to then come along and say, no “you have 1G of data”. Sorry, 1G of “fair usage” is not unlimited.

You could dial in via a bluetooth 3G phone from your laptop and operators will get pissed and send stupid threats and you won’t like your mobile’s battery life.

I don’t think you can simply remove the SIM card from your mobile and put it into a Huawei E272 dongle. People keep telling me this is not possible, but I can’t confirm this. I assume that operators probably blacklist devices like USB dongles, to enforce their fragmented (24/18/12 month contact etc.) “plans” on mobile broadband.

So Vodafone wants to sell me one SIM card for data and one for voice. Stupid and fragmented.
Another stupid thing is their policy with regard to VoIP. I think some block VoIP traffic, while others only block it when you use your 3G phone as a bluetooth modem and allow it with USB dongles. And good luck understanding their ToS.
Comment by Andrei
I will not believe that they can detect the type of device you are using until I see it. I wanted to ask you how easy it might be to clone a SIM card so that you could have one in your phone and one in your modem. Though if you tried to use both at the same time they really might get suspicious.
Comment by Jamie Kitson
The same stupid strategy, as in Germany. I have to pay 30 €/month for my voice flat (landline, and t-mobile + sms-flat) and sim, and also 40€ a month for my real unlimited HSDPA access with my Huawei express card and a second sim. 2 different contracts, 2 different cards… why ?
Comment by Marcel Bensch