Since XML is 10 years of age I thought I’d give it the rant treatment. I’ve long grumbled about XML. Here’s why:

  • XML is hard to parse computationally (do not regex or grep)
  • XML is not human readable
  • XML is hard to create
  • Google’s Gdata ATOM XML I find is hard to UPDATE
  • Alternatives like CSV for unstructured data (often the case) is so much faster and easier
  • No native support for XML in my $EDITOR vim
  • XML does not work on the Web
  • Related XSLT for transforming XML is seriously not fun. XSLT unnecessarily bloats a Web browser. :(
  • XML has draconian error handling
  • XML attributes makes things ambiguous for markup
  • Near impossible to diff (and nicely version control)

A testament to XML‘s waning popularity must have been at the Xtech2008‘s XML@10 when a handful of die hards showed.

I hope to continue see more of JSON, CSV and HTML.