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Annoying but Workable?

Judging by this, the pad has no middle mouse button, which is a dealbreaker, but the author has been able to disable the trackpad for mouse motion and reconfigured it as three large buttons. It wouldn't feel right, but it sounds like a workable solution.

Let us know what you end(ed) up buying.

Comment by Paul Sander
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Plugging in a USB stick in the top port causes the PI to reboot, same as Raspbmc

the problem is not the OS, but the hardware. when you plug a device to RPI it reboots because of the voltage drop.

you'll need a powered usb hub to avoid such problems.

I stick to openelec, because it worked out of box.

Regards, Alex

Comment by Alex
Is that charger designed to be confused with USB?
Comment by Jamie
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I made the switch and seemed to have much less trouble than you.

No automatic addressbook migration

I seem to remember reading somewhere that they are working on this, I think there's some standard which will allow them to integrate with smart phone/exchange servers..?

I can't find my Gmail labels/folders of my mail

This is odd, all mine came through. I wonder if it's because Gmail uses labels where each mail can have multiple labels and FM uses folders where you can only have one per email.

if I don't switch my forwards, my emails will get more out of sync as everyday passes.

Not sure what you mean by this, if you set up FM to fetch (ie, no forward involved) your Gmail emails I don't see a problem.

A few issues that I have with FM that you haven't mentioned:

  • You can setup alternate logins, but you can't remove/disable your main username/password and force the use of the alternate logins, like you can force two step authentication with Gmail.
  • It does seem a bit silly that you have to manually setup the bayes learning of spam and non-spam, once I'd done this my spam filtering was much improved, but I don't get why this isn't done automatically.
  • There's no "pinned" view, like Gmail's starred view. The best you can do is set pinned to the top, but then you can't see your new mail, and this is slow.
  • By default messages sent using their SMTP server will not get added to your Sent folder.
Comment by Jamie
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Definitely a difficult choice as to whether double the cost is worth it for double the speed, albeit still a painful upload. Personally I wish it was possible to set a profile that sacrificed some of the download frequencies for more upload.

From looking at Samknows and BT infinity's broadband checkers, you can at least be sort-of cheered up to see they now more-or-less correctly predict 12Mb/s down, 1Mb/s up for your phone number.

The whole rural broadband thing seems to be an incredibly difficult problem.. fingers crossed for affordable FTTP, but I suspect even that will still leave people at a longer distance with a lesser connection; it's unlikely to ever match what will be available in cities, though hopefully it'll at least be adequate for normal use.

Comment by Mike
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Have you not written to your MP yet? It would be appropriate given how much tax-payer money BT is getting.

Comment by Jamie
Man! I love you... I've been dealiing with this freaking issue all day. So really thanks for posting it.
Comment by Matias