There are 3 distinct demographics of cyclists on Singapore streets:

  1. lycra clad Road bikers
  2. Folks on electric bikes (usually "uncles")
  3. Others, people on unpowered, fixies or just the crappy bikes

Had 60SGD worth of work on my Flying Pigeon

I'm a proud "other", riding a somewhat unusual Flying Pigeon bicycle. Ironically taxi drivers tell me their fathers used to ride around like I do nowadays. Flying Pigeons a generation or two ago probably outnumbered vehicles. It's a real shame that Singaporeans have progressed to become childish monsters behind the driving wheel.

Yes, it's DANGEROUS to ride on Singaporean streets. Fellow Hackerspacer and Singaporean Wee Yeh would have me believe that some drivers are so annoyed by cyclists, that they would rather see them dead. :(

It reminds me of the bad old days of cycling in London, which is now a distant memory. A past when black cabbie drivers would scream abuse at you. Things have changed in London, can they change in Singapore?

Singapore is a rich country where the culture is not shy of showing that wealth. It's not uncommon to see Ferraris roaring down the same roads you might be attempting to cycle down. It costs so much to license a car to drive here, that I guess motorists treat cyclists with resentment.

What makes Singaporean drivers childish?

  • do not use indicators
  • switch lanes dangerously
  • drive too fast
  • not enough parking, so double / triple parking is not that unusual
  • never give enough space
  • dangerously cut you off at junctions is crazily common
  • dangerous overtaking
  • impatient
  • some seem to pretend you don't exist (totally unapologetic)

What's the solution? is collecting bicycle incidents. Not as morbid as, though I generally see this as an after-the-fact "cure", instead of "prevention"... education.

Some serious Singaporean government vision is needed and since no Government ministers like Boris as far as I know seem to cycle, I don't see this improving. Anyway if I had the power, I would:

  • introduce an education campaign to drivers
  • more speed checks
  • somehow police space given to cyclists
  • encourage people to cycle. close streets. get children interested.
  • any incidents involving cyclists, it's assumed to be the car drivers fault
  • introduce some facilities to cyclists, like places to lock them up!
Hi from

Hey man, yeah, most local cyclists will tell you how much nicer it is with our friendly neighbours up north. I do my escapades into Malaysia and the drivers are sooo much better behaved.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on It's not quite ready. Will ping again when the web submission UI is up. :)

Comment by Tan Wee
& it's up...

The basic functionality to add and view cycling incidents are up. Do visit:

Will improve (and beautify) the site later and add mobile clients at least for report submission..

For now, time to sleep :)

Comment by Tan Wee
By Coincidence

The Guardian published a story about cycling on the same day.

To get cycling mainstream, experts agree, you need wholesale investment in infrastructure, most obviously well-designed and continuous cycle lanes, separated from faster traffic by a kerb or other barrier and with cyclists offered protection at junctions. The philosophy was summed up by Enrique Peñalosa, who as mayor of Bogotá revolutionised transport in the Colombian capital: "A bicycle way that is not safe for an eight-year-old is not a bicycle way."

Comment by Jamie Kitson