Disabled - don't know why

So computing is going into the cloud. Fantastic. Think of the new possibilities!

What they don’t tell you is that these centralised services will own you.

Ask yourself do you have all your data? Sure you have your images on your trusty external USB hard drive, but do you have all that precious metadata? Those comments and tags you painstakingly added on the Flickr interface? No, you don’t do you?

You fool.

What happens if you inadvertently violate their ever increasingly convoluted & discriminatory Terms and Conditions?

And what if your account is disabled? Oh it won’t happen to you. What happens if you decide to share some of your images on your company blog? Oh CRAP! You’ve violated the don’t use Flickr for commercial purposes rule. Oops, sorry… you lose.

The Internet, mail & Web were designed to be distributed. Now we see huge concentrations of power in the “cloud”; YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Vimeo, Flickr, Microsoft… yes you’re all on my shitlist.

Do it yourself, go grassroots and get a Website.

same thing with my facebook account is happening to me right now ;)
hopefully I’m only using it to count my friend more than to communicate with them

Comment by Antoine

erm, wasn’t that the rant I made while we were on our way to Cornwall?

And who’s going to host your website?

Comment by Jamie Kitson

I’m going to host my Website :)

With the help of Dreamhost.

Data portability with Dreamhost is pretty easy. They have a backup function or you can just use tools like rsync.

Comment by hendry