Marking up email on the Web is not a pretty picture in 2008.

What I look like on a telecon

Notable mail archiving services:

Random thoughts:

  • I think the thread view is the most important feature. Google’s approach to threading mail as a bunched up conversation works quite well, though I still prefer the tree threaded structure that mutt does so well.
  • Mailman implements RFC2369, though the W3C doesn’t seem to support this, though it does use Archived-At: which is quite useful. Google doesn’t seem to employ archive links to HTML sadly.
  • I am not fond of framed views that I’ve seen some mail archiving services provide.
  • Has anyone really studied how a RFC2822 mail message should be marked up in HTML? 3.1. Formats of Archived Message does not address the problem.

Any other relevant RFCs, tools or tips I might have missed?