Letters about Radon

A letter came through the post asking me to participate in a survey concerning Radon. No, make that one envelope including three letters and a colour pamphlet.

  1. Jane Bradley writes from the from the Health Protection Agency
  2. Felicity Owen from the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust NHS
  3. And Pat Williams from the North Cornwall District Council Environmental Health office…

All about the same thing. The Radon survey. It astounds me that these three parties obviously coordinated putting their letters into the same envelope. Everyone wants to get in on this one!

Typical politics, if they’re not all trying to get credit, then they’re pointing fingers at each other. You see, if I have questions about this survey, who do I mail? All of them? Just one of them?

There are six possibilities.
6? You never were that good at probabilities were you? :)
Comment by Jamie Kitson

There are six possibilities of people I could contact:

  1. NCDC
  2. NHS
  3. HPA
  5. HPA NHS
Comment by hendry