Microsoft Anti-Spyware download

A Microsoft machine seems to be infected with some GAIN spyware. I thought I’ll just go and download Microsoft’s Spyware instead.

Except it wants you to validate your Windows with an EXECUTABLE. How scary is that?

I swear I could choose to avoid the validation check in the past. So how do I do it now?

OK, I’ve got to ask—I don’t work for Microsoft (I’m just a consultant)—but unless you don’t own your Windows software, why on Earth would you not be OK with a Validation Check? Are you worried that they’ll “steal” information from you?

You make it sound as if Microsoft should not do “anything” about the zillions of pirated copies of Windows—validation does NOT send them information about you, or your software. So like I said—“Why?”

Comment by Blake Handler
Microsoft made validation check mandatory to find out which copies of windows are bought and which are pirated.. Only bought ones can have updates. To not to do that.. well, try digging all the warez sites for windows updates =)
Comment by Joose

I swear they never used to require a validation check. I don’t mind the check so much. I do mind having to download an executable and run it. That breeds stupidity.

I am now using “Search and Destroy” Spybot. Seems to work:

Comment by hendry

Dear Blake,

Yes I am concerned they will “steal information from me”. I like to be anonymous whilst surfing the Internet.

More importantly: It is just not sensible to download an .exe and run it. Maybe I’ve been using Debian too long. :)

I have been trying to update a Win2k machine at work. OMG. It never works like it should. Format and re-install!

Those pirates do Microsoft a favour in my opinion. If you’re not forced to buy a copy of Microsoft when you buy a machine, your local dork will offer you the warez. :/

Comment by hendry