I am migrating my data from Finland to the UK from Bangkok and everything is a bit of a mess now.

I have updated the maradns package which should fix a security issue.

I have updated the wordpress package to allow multiple installations. It could do with some more testing and feedback.

Tomorrow I will be in Melbourne searching for a job.

Wordpress 1.5.1

G’day from Melbourne, Australia!

A security release of Wordpress 1.5.1 and now new Debian packages of Wordpress.

Since Teo might not be around to upload my package into Debian, are there any volunteers please?

I am also working on Maradns packages which at last fixes a 2.6 kernel lockup problem when used as a recursive server.

Btw Maradns is a great companion for Wordpress. You can easily setup blogs on subdomains like dad.family.org, mom.family.org and hamster.family.org. :)

W3C Fun Run

There are now four W3C mailing lists that concern mobile devices :

# www-mobile
# www-di
# public-bpwg
# public-ddwg

The difference between the four are explained here.

On my Masters thesis around the bottom of page 36 is some more background:

The W3C working group most concerned with the mobile device, is the device independence work group. Previously this group originated from W3C's User Interface domain. The UI domain split into Document Formats and Interaction domain in July 2001. Document Formats was later was split again to Architecture and some parts moved in the Interaction domain. The interaction domain first featured the Mobile Access Activity which later was merged into the Device Independence Activity. They have notably produced Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP) and Authoring Techniques for Device Independence.

I suspect their new Mobile Web Initiative is a method to raise money.

Their existing mailing lists have dismal traffic. Why create another 2 is beyond me. And the stuff W3C have produced like CC/PP is a sad joke. I would love them to start talking about JPEG2000 or something. Distinguishing between desktop and mobile is already dangerous, now we have a four way with mobiles.

WHATWG are doing it right in this regard. One mailing list. Also, no exclusive member only links and thousands of dollars membership fee. It does not cost much to run one mailing list W3C.

Lets watch Technorati for developments…

Virtual domains are the norm, not the exception

Spent about 4 hours today trying to configure Postfix for virtual domains.

It just would not work. Mail kept on going to another user. It would never follow the original to field. And fiddling with main.cf would sometimes make it report that the user does not exist anymore. Oh ffs. Edit, postmap for the db, reload, restart. Argh.

maildrop would not behave unless I created the Maildir with maildirmake. That took ages to figure out.

Now I am back exim again. I hate exim’s configuration files. I have never quite understood them, yet it just works.

I setup everything I wanted in exim with this guide in about 10 minutes.

In future I just would like to configure my Unix box with a virtual domain structure. Like:

cat /mail/natalian.org

ls /web/natalian.org
/web/natalian.org -> /usr/share/wordpress

I met DDs Russell Coker and Hamish Moffat today in Melbourne. Had a surprisingly good Japanese Tempura lunch today. Better than Japan! ;)


Firefox is just the bomb. I have installed a bunch of extensions and I am really enjoying them the last couple of days to aid some Web development. Great thing is I have loads of them installed and my environment does not feel slow or unstable.


Today I discovered Mark Pilgrim is sort of back online. Which is nice. He also has a new tool out called Butler. It depends on greasemonkey but it rocks. It filters Google crap and allows you to easily check out the competition.

Anyway it is nice to see Firefox as a platform. I wish killer apps like Skype could run inside Firefox.

I have started a IT contract in Melbourne as a deployment manager. I will try not to talk about work here on my blog, but I must say they need the Joel treatment real bad. Hopefully I am going to make it happen.


I usually have a steaming cup of Tetley (milk, no sugar) tea with my raisin bran.

Today I decided since I did not have too much milk resulting in the bran being quite dry, to pour in some tea from my cup.

It did not taste too good.

What do you have for breakfast?

Airline Software

I am working for an Australian company that makes software for Airlines, called Soltec Software.

I recall starting my degree and learning about the stereotypical case for complex software being Airline software. Here I am, first job armed with a degree doing just that.

Root and Branch


I have never heard this phrase Root and Branch reform before and in today’s Guardian, it crops up twice!


There seems to be a lot of interest to do work on the Web, but I find it difficult to see how all this activity translates into Web specifications.

Here are just some events in the next month or two:

* Mobile Business 2005 Ok, sounds .biz, but it is academic.
* Web Intelligence ACM and IEEE at it in Europe.
* Device Independent Web Engineering by the International Conference on Web Engineering. I am not too sure who these guys are.
* Xtech – XML and Beyond by the Ex-XML guys, which Ian is going to.
* And of course W3.org’s little private meetings between sponsors, er… members.


I have moved most of my goodies over to Jamie’s ADSL connection in London.

My old server in Finland is laying about at Teemu’s place not doing anything. Since I arrived in Australia penniless, I can’t really afford the 42EUR a month colo fees. Which is cheap btw. Anyway, since I am far away here in Melbourne developing on a machine in Helsinki is sort of senseless considering the lag.

Sadly my wonderful shell at cs.helsinki.fi is due to expire in 30.09.2005 (damn, graduated!) I have moved some things over from db.cs.helsinki.fi, such as:

* Regular Expression tester
* Fog index calculator
* My Tips and Tricks collection

Stunningly, I installed trac and now have svn.natalian.org up and running again!

I still need to get dabase.com (mobile) stuff whirring away, like:
* Fortune

Jamie and Kai sitting ontop a bus

And omg my picture collection !!
I am adding some new features into my gallery system. I think I will release it as a Debian package, if I can think of a good name for it.

Sarge preview

Yesterday I gave sarge a whirl from the 8 meg mini.iso and VMWare.

Couple of things that disagreed with me about the install:

* Strange message regarding libc and maildirs.
* Oh darn, no Video detection. That is going to thwart some newbies.
* And, grr, No firefox.

The Ubuntu feature of setting up a sudo user by default was quite nice. I wish sarge incorporated that too. I didn’t recall being able to choose unstable for the sources.list. Hmmm…

Otherwise looking good. I’ll have to investigate that libc-client thing, it is a RC bug imo.

Update: Oops, not going to happen due to sarge RC policy.

Also: I also don’t like how the xterm package is not installed by default and how I had to generate a UTF8 locale for uxterm manually.

Subversion homedir

Inspired by Joey Hess in the past couple of years I have had my homedir in a subversion repositry. I tipped about this a while back, but I thought I should give the topic some blog treatment.

When I move to a new machine in $HOME:

hendry@perry:~$  ssh-keygen -t dsa
Generating public/private dsa key pair.
Enter file in which to save the key (/home/hendry/.ssh/id_dsa):
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
Enter same passphrase again:
Your identification has been saved in /home/hendry/.ssh/id_dsa.
Your public key has been saved in /home/hendry/.ssh/id_dsa.pub.
The key fingerprint is:
6c:2e:4e:8a:f2:54:b3:1a:89:25:59:65:f9:fe:1a:2f hendry@perry
hendry@perry:~$  ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/id_dsa.pub hendry.iki.fi
Now try logging into the machine, with "ssh 'hendry.iki.fi'", and check in:


to make sure we haven’t added extra keys that you weren’t expecting.

hendry@perry:~$ svn co svn+ssh://hendry@hendry.iki.fi/home/hendry/repo/public/home .
svn: Failed to add file ’.bashrc’: object of the same name already exists

Unfortunately, this generally means I have to manually remove .bashrc, .bash_profile et al out the way and re-run the checkout a couple of times.

If I wish to read and write emails from that machine, I generally need my addressbook and mutt colouring from another private repository:

svn co svn+ssh://hendry@hendry.iki.fi/home/hendry/repo/private/Mail

I don’t keep my Maildir (mail archives) in the repo because I filter mails through Gmail and use offlineimap/mairix dumps from my IMAP server on whatever machine I read mail from. So there tends to be copies or backups of my Mail.

Browse my public repository to learn more.

It isn’t perfect.

  • I often forget to commit after a change. I tried automated commits with mixed results and maybe I should again.
  • I need to incorporate my favourite package listing, so I can apt-get the packages I typically need like screen, vim, irssi-text, offlineimap, mairix etc. (hmm, perhaps a Debian package for my homedir…)
  • Subversion can’t handle symlinks. Arse. (Update: Oh, it can now)

I had some awful problems keeping .mozilla in there, in order to maintain my bookmarks. Now I am keeping them with delicious.

I don’t keep binary files like porn or mp3s in there. I back them up occasionally with rsync like so:

rsync -essh -rtpv ~/pictures backupmachine:


A couple of people have asked me why Wordpress is not going to be in sarge.

It is because of its ongoing security problems with Debian.

Today I have updated the Wordpress package (urm, I need a sponsor!) and I have made the package depend on Apache2‘s mod_security.

Ok, many of you will not like the forced upgrade to Apache2. It took me awhile to get to like it, but now I am enjoying the clean /etc/apache2/sites-available structure of the Debian package and its improved modules.

Australian ISPs
melbourne$ traceroute hendry.iki.fi
traceroute to hendry.iki.fi (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1 (  0.224 ms  0.627 ms  0.116 ms
 2 (  5.587 ms  6.261 ms  6.620 ms
 3  adelaide-atm.vic.bigpond.net.au (  7.324 ms  6.013 ms  8.093 ms
 4 (  8.807 ms  6.990 ms  6.984 ms
 5  GigabitEthernet2-10.exi2.Melbourne.telstra.net (  6.634 ms  6.954 ms  7.931 ms
 6  GigabitEthernet2-9.exi1.Melbourne.telstra.net (  6.927 ms  5.917 ms  6.034 ms
 7  GigabitEthernet2-2.exi-core1.Melbourne.telstra.net (  7.052 ms  6.713 ms  7.220 ms
 8  Pos15-0.chw-core2.Sydney.telstra.net (  15.231 ms  19.333 ms  13.641 ms
 9  10GigabitEthernet1-0.oxf-core1.Sydney.telstra.net (  13.667 ms  13.682 ms  14.330 ms
10  10GigabitEthernet6-0.syd-core04.Sydney.net.reach.com (  15.515 ms  14.034 ms  15.137 ms
11  i-5-0.syd-core02.net.reach.com (  15.021 ms  15.130 ms  15.116 ms
12  i-0-0.wil-core02.net.reach.com (  87.804 ms  88.678 ms  88.051 ms
13  i-2-0.dal-core01.net.reach.com (  105.450 ms  104.138 ms  113.829 ms
14  level3.Dal-core01.net.reach.com (  104.931 ms  103.841 ms  104.742 ms
15  ae-1-54.bbr2.Dallas1.Level3.net (  105.148 ms  106.163 ms  104.682 ms
16 (  147.005 ms  127.075 ms  120.121 ms
17  as-0-0.bbr1.London2.Level3.net (  154.690 ms  160.077 ms  156.726 ms
18  as-0-0.bbr1.London1.Level3.net (  157.392 ms  156.953 ms  157.385 ms
19  ge-3-0-0-0.gar1.London1.Level3.net (  155.321 ms  155.926 ms  159.832 ms
20 (  154.008 ms  158.532 ms  155.584 ms
21 (  160.787 ms  159.563 ms  157.557 ms
22  ge-3-0.31.cll-bas-004.bddsl.net (  155.681 ms  158.597 ms  160.596 ms
23  host-83-146-8-59.bulldogdsl.com (  158.576 ms  159.810 ms  159.139 ms

So all the Internet has to go through America before it hits Europe. Helsinki feels so far away now. Australian ISPs seem big on bandwidth caps too. Nasty. I miss my 1mbit line in Finland!

I am having major problems getting Internet. Libraries require you to be registered before going off to a website, for fear of hacking. Well, I am not an Australian citizen, nor a permanent resident.

I hate Net cafe’s. They usually charge the earth and have some spyware installed. Typical rate, anything above 3AUD an hour.

Oh well, it is not as expensive as getting Wireless access from my laptop. It’s just 13.20AUD an hour. Cheap! NOT.

As for getting broadband at home, you need to sign up for 12month contract. Hmm, I am not going to be here 12 months. Nor do I have a credit card. Oh gosh, see what I am getting at?

It is difficult to be free.