I survived that earthquake and Tsunami on last boxing day.

I always wanted to experience an earthquake but when I was awoken by what seemed to be someone tugging at my hammock that Sunday, it has been a living nightmare.

Maybe it is my present drab mood, however I feel that this has brought out the worst in people.

Oh the:

  • Misinformation from authorities and the media
  • The panic
  • Terrible communications facilities
  • Mismanagement (the Indian bureaucracy!)
  • The looting
  • Increased amount of crocodiles, snakes and mosquitos
  • The water/petrol/electricity/alcohol shortages
  • The extortionate prices at times for travel and water

Where I was on Havelock at the time, no one died. So it is difficult to contemplate about the thousands who have lost their lives.

Antoine my french travelling companion has posted some text in french and some of my pictures.

I was supposed to fly to Bangkok on the 8/1/2005. As that flight is cancelled I will go back to Chennai on the 17/1/2005 by 3-day boat from Port Blair. I will travel around the south-west of India for a couple of weeks in order to waste winter time and meet a friend in Laos in February.

If I could stay longer on the Andaman I would. Fantastic Jungle resort food, Amazing Beach no.7 and the snorkelling on Elephant beach on Havelock is incredible. I hope the authorities allow tourists again as many local people depend on it. I hope potential tourists know that the North Andaman, especially the touristy locations such as Neil Island and Havelock are safe and well worth visiting.

People having fun at Jungle resort at Beach no.7

Hi, Kai,

I am not on your mailing list, but I visit your Homepage, whcih lastly started to work.
God be with you. I knew we see each other again, btw, erik has got your pc so you have to take it back

Comment by Marcin Arcisz

Hi Kai,
nice to hear from you. Don’t worry, I do not have your PC:) Maybe I have your Squashracket, but not your PC. Habe fun,

Comment by erik
Hei Kai! Good to hear all is well with you. I was really worried as I hear about the Tsunami. Luckily Renaud had heard the good news already before New Year. Wherever you are travelling (I heard from Antoine that you might be going to Japan!?), take care! Outi
Comment by Outi
Hello Kai—good to hear of you finally. Giuseppe put me at ease weeks ago, but nothing is as clear and certain as p2p. Loud cheers from Holland. Take care. Get me onto your mailing list though.
Comment by Paul

Dear Kai!

I was glad to hear that you are safe. Your Asian Trip lasts already for a while and it sounds very special! I am sure that you’ll have a lot to report when we meet us again. Hopefully soon. I wish you a pleasant journey and hope to heear from you soon!

Take care!


Comment by Martin
Kai, when are you heading for China? I plan to be in HK somewhere between Feb and March. If you have plans let me know how we can go rock the town.
Comment by Lie
Hello Kai! I found your web-page at last. Hope you are allright and taking pleasure with your trips. I’m really envious :) When are you going back to England? How was Kazahstan? BTW, I’ve spent XMas there. Keep contact… ;)
Comment by Dmitry Pichugin

U R lucky that U were in Havelock. U havn’nt seen the sea waves .Even if u have seen it was the after effect.
The beaches, harbours, residents etc are in the western coast.
Even the neil Island harbour( jetty) is in northern part. It is least affected.
Tourist are most stationed in the western coast.where tsunami is not at all affected.
Once again cone to neil Island and visit sitapur beach ( east cost) U will definetly find the difference ” the unbeleivable defference” ( if u have visited the eastern coast of neil Island before tsunami)
Dr.S.Sunil Kumar
please communicate by e-mail

Comment by Dr.S.Sunil Kumar

U R Lucky U were in Havelock.
The tourist spot is in the nortern or westen coast
U might have seen only the after effect of tsunami.
the harbours are in the north and the tourist area in the west
U HAVE Not experienced the real tsunami
VIsit again the eastern coast of Neil Island ( SITA PUR )
I have worked ther for some time , and know the GEOGRAPHY
DR.S.Sunil Kumar
Medical Officer
community Health Center
Middle Andaman

Comment by Dr.S.Sunil Kumar