I found an old 1997 link about good essays on the web whilst in a googlefight with Jamie Kitson.

It is an essay about cryptography I wrote in my first year of my Computer Science degree in Bath. Seven years later, I am writing my Masters thesis in Helsinki.

If you don’t have Word, you can use something such as antiword. I chose to summon Openoffice 1.1.0 and see what it could to the proprietary document encoding.

  • It renders Word document perfectly
  • It converts Word to really ugly HTML. And even then it’s not very good.
  • It exports to PDF just fine. You are unable to view it in Openoffice. :/ Acroread shows great results, although xpdf shows a garbled mess!

If anyone can tell me how to convert Word documents to XHTML and CSS with images stored neatly as PNG in an images/ directory, I would love to know.

Updated: Cryptography, a Tool for Today , by Kai Hendry. Google DOC version