HTML5 video porn

Go get Firefox 3.5 and enjoy HTML5 video!

I wrote a crappy script to generate the HTML to view those OGGs I have been amassing from my Canon IXUS over the years.

I kind of feel I am with video, like I was with pictures & images about 5 years ago. Pre-Flickr. You know what I mean? No search, no tags and no friends (filtering dude!).

It would be great if I could point a service like Flickr all my OGG paths on I am sure as hell not going to upload those videos with their crappy upload interface.

Gosh, I hope you'll enjoy better than my YouTube account. should be served from the closest one of two servers, one based in California and the other in Germany. They GEO DNS setup is described at Serverfault. Please vote it up!